Thursday, November 8, 2007

Here I am on the computer when i should go to bed!!!!!!I finish my palindrome scarf,2 days ago but i made it short and i will use a pin to keep it together,i bought a few vintage and very pretty ones on etsy for couple of bug it's is for my mom,her Christmas gift,she will be so surprise because she's think i can't do anything right!
I'm still trying to make the shrug for my Kristbjörgu Önnu who is my 7 year old girl,i think the shrug hate me so bad,first i tried to make my own pattern,but no that didn't work so i found a really cute one from Drops Design,but that is also giving me a hard time ,I'm on the 1 sleeve and i have already made it 6 cm too long but NO I'm not going to rib it agin!!!!!!!she can just fold it up a little bit:)
I hope i will finish it before Christmas,but will see.
I also made my first Calorimetry yesterday and after much thinking it worked out awesome,Þorgerður Sif my big girl who is 11 years old was very fast to claim for her own use and took it to school today and all her friends want one!
ok now i need to go to bed!,I will try to post some photos soon:)
Good night and don't let the bugs bite!

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