Monday, May 5, 2008

cute photos of a cute toddler:)

I just have to share this photos that my dh took a few days ago of my youngest boy,he is daddy's little helper in the garage,I bought him a little "man"overall the other day,he looks so cute and grown up,don't you think...?


KnitaSaur said...

That is a cutie-pie kid!

María said...

Thank you so much:)

Kris said...

You have such an adorable toddler! My little boy is 18 months and really into the 'helping Daddy' stage. Not sure that Daddy needs the help though... lol I must get my boy some overalls like yours. They look supremely cute!

From KrisWW on Ravelry

María said...

ooooooo þú ert svo sætur með sítt hár og auðvitað eins og þú ert núna love you