Thursday, March 6, 2008

Nr 2 Take 2 on the Flame hat

Ok so you remember what happen to the flame cap nr 1....?If not Read that before you read this:)
This is Take 2 but I used a different pattern for it,I used hot head hat and you can find for free on Ravelry,this pattern is great and easy!But when i will make it again i think i will go down a needles size at least before the stranded work.
I Love this hat so much and he Loves it even More!!!

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Mary Ann said...

I love the flame hat! I want to make one for my 20 yr old dd. She would love it in red and black, or maybe even blue and black.

I also love the pic of your fingerless gloves for the swap. Who's your swapee? I had cdaniel and she liked the ones I sent. At least she said that she liked them anyway! lol

Are you doing the Bronte's Mitts KAL? I'm going to try it because it will something new for me to learn.

I love your blog!! Nice job!